The 7 Levers Growth Accelerator 
Membership Program
A personal training program for your business
Went into today's call pretty stuck on what to do next with our marketing. I left the call with a very clear " to-do" list and a better way to talk about what my school does. Instantly signed up a new student!....Jason Mohlenbrock Blue and Green Music AZ
Growing your business doesn't have to be a mystery
The 7 levers Growth Accelerator gives you the roadmap to follow and the accountability of a personal training coach to help you get it done.
The 7 Levers Growth Accelerator Membership is $199.99 per month
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Here's What You Can Expect
  • 2, 60 - minute coaching calls every month
  • Your own private chat page with direct access to your coach
  • Access to the community forum
  • Guidance on how to use the 7 Levers to explode your business growth
  • A community of other business owners just like you
  • A coach who will help you set goals and create an M.B.O for your business
The 7 Levers Growth Accelerator Membership is $199.99 per month
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Meet your business personal trainer
Danny Thompson spent 18 years as a manager, and ultimatley a distric VP for the Guitar Center chain of retail stores. While overseeing 13 stores, 300 plus employees and several hundred million in annual sales, Danny won the coveted Presidents Award 3 years running. This award is given to people who hit over 100% of their annual M.B.O while also producing top talent and displaying exceptional leadership. In 2006 Danny left the corporate world and started the Music Factory School fo Music. Simultaniously Danny went back into the music world and has since toured the world, made multiple records, appeared on TV and Radio and has success in one the hardest industries to " Make it" in. The Music Factory School of Music has grown to be a profitable and impactive business in The Orange County area. Danny started coaching other business owners in 2018 and loves to see people have success in their business.
Here's what people are saying....
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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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